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Software activation service

As a software developer you are getting the following:

  • Secure online product key generation system. Your keys will be generated using a secret (private) key, and verified using a different open (public) key. Product keys will look like this: GBFTK-3UN78-MKF8G-T8GTY-NQS8R . They are easy to type, print or dictate over the telephone.

  • An option to use longer ASProtect or your own product keys (such as Armadillo).

  • Custom build of ASProtect (activatenow.com Edition) offering activatenow.com integration for ANY development platform without the need to modify your code or re-compile the project.

  • Online Control Panel for license management that allows to add, remove and modify product keys, as well as to block (or unblock) any product key to prevent further activations.

  • Online end-user tools such as product key reminder and manual activation.

  • Off-line tools for product key and activation code generation to use on your own computer.

  • Activation SDK for use in your applications (includes a full Visual C++ SDK, basic verification functions for C and Delphi, and a DLL for other developer environments).

Custom activation solutions

We can provide your company with a custom-made activation solution for your business. If you order activatenow.com Server, you will get:

  • MS SQL database running on your own Windows NT/2000/.NET Server
  • Custom software protection solution (based on either ASProtect, Armadillo, or any other software protection system of your choosing)
  • 3 months of developer support and DB maintenance

Please contact us for more details and the pricing.


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If your transaction volume is more than 400 product keys per month, please contact us to discuss a volume discount.

Terms Of Service

Please read the following Terms Of Service: http://www.activatenow.com/tos.asp