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We offer online product key generation to instantly deliver your product keys to the customers; online software activation and off-line software protection.

License enforcement using the product activation technique ensures that each license product is used in compliance with its licensing terms. When installed on a new PC, a product starts the Activation Wizard that (with the user's permission) queries a centralized license server via the Internet, asking for permission to run. The license server then either grants or denies permission according to the software licenses owned by the end-user. In case a permission is granted, the product receives a unique Activation Code that can be used to verify the product's activation status; a positive result will only be returned if the activation code is used on the very same PC it is obtained for.

We support the following registration services:

  • RegNow
  • SoftKey
  • RegSoft
  • ShareIt
  • Emetrix
  • Kagi
  • SWReg

Technical details available here

Get a Demo

A demo product is available for download.

The demo product allows activation on just one machine with any one product key. It also allows up to 10 subsequent re-activations (that is, new activations on the same computer). Those activation counters are reset every 30 days, which effectively allows the user to install the program to a new PC every month.

Note that we have different activation schemes available, including a monitor only one where the system will always issue an activation code no matter on how many PCs the product is installed.