Software Registration

We provide the following services:

  • CGI interface for product key generation allows instant product key delivery at the last step of the registration process
  • Your customers get a state-of-the art software protection kit, including our online secure key generation service, free key verification suite for use in the software installations (available in C, C++/MFC and Delphi source code or DLL), and ASProtect (optional; one-time ASProtect developer's license fee applies), an executable protection tool
  • Registration key reminder service eases the burden of 'lost product key' support calls
  • Helps fighting fraudulent orders: product activation service allows 24h fraudulent use monitoring; if a product key gets a lot if activation attempts in a short period of time, it may be a sigh that the key was stolen, and a possibility that it was purchased with a stolen credit card is quite high

For more information about our author services and prices please visit the Services page for developers. For more information please contact us.