Registering with a Registration Service

This document contains information on how to add support to the following software registration services:

Step 1: Adding Product ID

This step is common for all registration services.

  1. Login to ActivateSoft Control Panel
  2. Click List Products on the left
  3. A page with a list of your products will appear. Click on the product you want to edit
  4. Product Details page opens. Click [ Edit Merchant Product IDs ] button
  5. Add and Edit Merchant Product IDs page appears.
    • Select your registration service from the Merchant Name combo box.
    • Fill in Merchant Product ID with the Product ID provided by your merchant (for example, RegNow Product ID looks like 1234-1, ShareIt Product IDs are 6-digit numbers like 145678, SoftKey products are 4-digit, as 1111).
    • Create a unique password for that merchant. Make sure that password is different from your Control Panel password, and is not the same as the password you use to log in to your registration service control panel.
    • Click Insert to add this product ID.

Step 2: Setting Up your Registration Service

You will need to modify your product's settings in the registration service control panel, or contact their support staff, in order to enable your products with online key generation.


New Product

If you are adding a new product in the RegNow control panel, select as the registration key delivery method for your product. On the next page they will ask you for service-specific additional information. Provide the following information:

Login: <your Control Panel LOGIN>
Password: <the password you created on Step 1.5>

Note that in case of a new product you will need to obtain your Product ID from RegNow before registering it with ActivateSoft.

Existing Product

In order to enable for an existing product, contact RegNow by sending an e-mail to For example:

Dear RegNow,
Please enable key generation for the product
<your RegNow product number in the form of 1234-5>.
Login: <your Control Panel LOGIN>
Password: <the password you created on Step 1.5>

Thank you in advance.

RegNow staff will update your key generator details and submit a test order for you in order to make sure everything works fine.


Contact ShareIt! staff at, and provide the following information:

Link Location:

'Replace LOGIN with your Activatesoft login name, and PASSW with the password you
'defined for that product on Step 1.5.
'Use right-click and Copy Shortcut to copy the link above

Parameters Type: Post and Get
'--- Required for authorization ---

'--- All other are post type parameters
'--- Required for registration ---
'--- Optional ---
 404 Not Found  status if something fails wtih comment in the response body
 200 OK  status if OK and regcodes in the response body separated with CRLF


In the Vendor Admin area, go to the 'Product Registration Information' section, and verify for this product that 'I will supply RegSoft with the Algorithm' is selected. Set 'How we will generate your keys' to 'I will use a remote URL to generate my keys'.

To define your custom URL, from the RegSoft Vendor Admin page select the pull-down menu 'Define Custom URL', and enter in the following URL (right-click on the URL and use Copy Shortcut to copy the whole link into the Clipboard):

LOGIN is your ActivateNow login name, and PASSW is the password you defined for that product on Step 1.5.

After that, select 'Modify Post-Order Email messages' and define outgoing email template (a message that will be sent to the customers after their purchase). Use '$serialnumber' to substitute for their newly generated Product Key.

For help on how to test an order, just view the link below: